Capital Projects

A capital project helps maintain or improve a City asset.  It can be new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement of an existing asset. You can see the most recent capital projects for American Fork City by clicking on the interactive map, or by reading about each project in more detail below. Updates will be added weekly.

SCHOOL ACCESS: See the project details below about detours for school access during construction.

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UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) also does construction work that affects American Fork City. Details on UDOT projects for 2021 are listed below. 

36" Water Line Replacement Segment 2 

Main Street from 200 E to 600 E and Caveman Blvd (600 E) from Main Street to 700 N.
  • Construction began February 2021 and runs until approximately November 2021.
  • Caveman Blvd is open.
  • Sidewalk and other concrete work, along with topsoil placement and park strip and yard clean-up will be done through the end of September.
  • Work includes installing new culinary service connections and fire hydrants.  Existing culinary water lines must be reconnected to the new 36" pipe. Also included is the reconnecting and looping of existing utilities including irrigation, sewer, storm drain, and gas lines.  Work to be performed includes valves, fittings, meters, excavation, backfilling, curb and gutter, road reconstruction and asphalt repaving.
  • For information, contact Condie Construction Company.

Segment 2

water line map

Water Line Replacement Segment 1 

200 S Mill Pond Road to I-15
  • Construction began April 2021 and will continue through the fall of 2021.
  • Intermittent road closure: Water line installation is happening east of the railroad track, continuing east to I-15. 200 S will be closed as needed for the work from 500 W to Storrs Avenue.
  • Intermittent underpass closure: Water line installation work will continue through the I-15 underpass with closures as needed at 300 W. Detours available at the 100 E underpass and Pioneer Crossing. The underpass work will continue through September.
  • The 30" main line installation is completed west of the UTA rail crossing.
  • Roadway and asphalt repair west of the railway will begin in September.
  • The water line replacement is happening at the same time many development projects are in progress. Roadwork on 200 S is a combination of this capital project and also private development, which has a separate timetable from the City project.
  • Work includes installing new culinary water lines and reconnecting existing lines to the new pipes.
  • For information, contact BD Bush Construction.

200 S road work

200 South and 300 West intersection is closed for construction

Segment 1

Water Line Segment 1

300 N Road Rehabilitation

300 N from 100 E to 300 E
  • Work began in August and will last through September.
  • One-way eastbound traffic will be allowed during construction. Westbound traffic will be detoured.
  • School access: Vehicular access to Forbes Elementary will be restricted to entering eastbound from 100 E and exiting to 200 E.
  • Work will include new water mains, fire hydrants, valves and service laterals as well as road rehabilitation.

Forbes Elementary School access

300 North is closed to westbound traffic from 300 East to 100 East.

850 E Road Rehabilitation

850 E from 300 N to 575 N
  • Construction began in September.
  • Road closure: 850 E is closed at 300 N heading northward for water line installation.
  • Work will include new water mains, fire hydrants, valves and service laterals as well as complete road reconstruction.

850 E road rehabilitation

850 E road rehabilitation map. 850 East is closed from 300 North to 550 North.

36" Water Line Replacement Segments 3 & 4

Selected locations
  • Segment 3: 200 E from State St to 200 S - Design plans are in progress. 
  • Segment 4: 200 E, 500 S, 330 E, 620 S - Design plans are in progress.

300 W Pacific Dr Intersection

300 W Pacific Dr
  • Improvements to the existing intersection.
  • Construction dates TBA.

1100 S 500 E Intersection

1100 S 500 E
  • Improvements to the existing intersection.
  • Construction dates TBA.

700 N Connection

700 N connection between 100 E and 200 E
  • Work will include creating a new road to connect 700 N from 100 E and 200 E. This is a MAG funded project. Final approvals are pending.
  • Construction dates TBA.

UDOT Construction Projects

Various Utah County Locations
  • 700 N 100 E traffic signal - construction dates TBA.
  • State Street road widening - Winter 2023. State Street will be widened to 3 lanes of traffic in both directions.

Completed Capital Projects

The following projects have been recently completed.

500 E Auto Mall Dr Signal

500 E Auto Mall Dr
  • Construction was completed in September.
  • The traffic signal was installed at the intersection.

1120 N Road Rehabilitation

1120 N from 150 W to 100 E
  • Construction of the waterline and road work finished in August 2021.
  • Work included new water mains, fire hydrants, valves and service laterals as well as road rehabilitation.

Art Dye Roundabout

550 E 1000 N
  • Construction finished in May 2021.
  • Work included adding a roundabout to the parking lot to improve traffic flow in and out of the park.
  • Access to the finished roundabout started on Saturday, May 15th.

100 E Water Line Improvements

100 East
  • Water line improvements started in September 2020. Water line work is now complete, as well as road overlay and pavement striping.
  • This project finalized in May 2021.

Canyon Spring Line To Chlorinator

Cedar Hills Golf Course - 10246 N Canyon Road
  • Construction started on January 4, 2021 and finished in April 2021.
  • Work included adding a 16" HDPE water line. American Fork's water line construction is complete and in service.
  • This is shared project with the City of Pleasant Grove, who manages the construction.

Sewer Lining

Various locations
  • Construction began in January 2021 and is now completed.
  • Work included lining the existing sewer line for durability.

UDOT Construction Projects

860 E State Street traffic signal - installed April 2021.
I-15 bridge ride fixes - July thru September 2021.