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1. How much do swim lessons cost?
2. Does American Fork offer any promotions or discounts on swim lessons?
3. What times are lessons offered?
4. Do you offer private lessons?
5. Do you offer make-up days for bad weather?
6. How can I get the latest information pertaining to weather and swim lessons if I think they are going to be cancelled while I am still at home?
7. I am not sure what level to sign my child up for. Where can I see the skills and techniques being taught in each level?
8. I am trying to sign-up both of my children at the same time, but I see that the Level 3 is full. Can you add a spot for my daughter? Or when are you going to add classes?
9. Can my other children swim in the pool while some of my children are in lessons?
10. My child is two years old and potty-trained so they don’t need a swim diaper for lessons, right?
11. I have heard that if I sign-up for the 11:35 a.m. session I can stay on the lawn and swim with my kids after lessons are over, because then the pool opens up to the public, is that right?