Why did American Fork select STRATA Networks as their partner?

After receiving resident feedback, American Fork decided to send out a request for Intent to Negotiate (ITN), looking for businesses interested to install and manage our fiber network. Our ITN stated that the system would be resident owned, that the system would be citywide and available to every resident, and that the network would be open access allowing multiple internet service providers to utilize the network. American Fork investigated many options before deciding on who to partner with for network design, construction, and operation. Unlike some other network operators, STRATA Networks provided an open access solution that allows the city to maintain ownership in the network. Along with that, STRATA has nearly 70 years of experience in the industry and three decades of building fiber-to-the-premises networks.

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1. What is fiber internet?
2. What is the American Fork fiber project and how it will work?
3. Why is American Fork building its own fiber network?
4. How will the network be funded?
5. When will fiber internet be available to me?
6. Is the American Fork Fiber Optic Network planned to be available only for residents or will businesses be able to use the fiber network also?
7. Why did American Fork select STRATA Networks as their partner?
8. What are the benefits of an “open access” network?
9. Which providers will be available on the city’s network?
10. Will all residents and businesses be required to subscribe to the network?
11. How much is this going to cost residents?
12. What services will be available over my fiber connection?
13. Will the American Fork fiber project raise my property taxes?
14. I already have an internet service provider (ISP). Will I still be able to use them?
15. What does the build-out/construction process look like?
16. What are the financial implications to the city?
17. Will fiber increase the value of my home?
18. Do we really need faster connections?
19. Can I use a wireless connection with fiber?
20. Is fiber internet “future proof?”
21. Will fiber become obsolete with other emerging technologies like 5G, satellite services, or other options that may be available in the future?
22. If I have a problem with my internet service on the American Fork Fiber Network, who would I call?
23. Will deploying the American Fork fiber network damage roads, gutters, walks, utilities, and landscaping?