How do I sign up for service?
Visit the Administration Office (51 E. Main) to fill out a utility application. You will be required to show your closing papers on the property so we can verify that you are the new property owner. You will also need to leave a deposit: $150 for single family residence, $200/unit for commercial properties. Please note that we do not allow renters to sign up for utility accounts. All rental utility accounts must be in the name of the property owner.

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1. How do I sign up for service?
2. I sold my house. How do I close my utility account?
3. What day is garbage day?
4. What is the recycling schedule?
5. What can I recycle?
6. My garbage can needs to be replaced. How do I get a new can?
7. Is garbage going to be delayed due to a specific holiday?
8. I think I have a leak on my property, what do I do?
9. When is pressurized irrigation available?
10. Do you have auto pay?
11. Do you still give resident dump passes?
12. Why does my water bill seem to fluctuate every few months?
13. Are there any water restrictions in place?
14. Why do I have two sewer charges; Sewer-AF and Sewer-TSSD?
15. I’m renting my property. Can I have a statement sent to me as well as the tenant?