How do I get a copy of my arrest report?

If you have a criminal case pending against you, you can obtain a copy of your arrest report through your defense attorney. If you are not represented by counsel, and your case involves misdemeanor charges, you may request a copy of your report by emailing the City Attorney's office at, or faxing 801-796-0984. In the subject of the email, please include your Name and Prosecuting City (if applicable). In the body of the email, please include your name, date of birth, the police case number and/or citation number, the court case number if you have it, a valid email address/mailing address, and the person cited if other than yourself. 

For current cases involving felony charges, call the Utah County Attorney's Office at 801-851-8026. 

If you are requesting any other record not involving a pending criminal case, please email your request to You should expect up to 10 business days for a copy of the report to be processed.

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