Annual Storm Water Inspections

In compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and Utah Division of Water Quality requirements, permanent storm drain facilities (pipes, storm drain boxes, detention ponds, sumps, etc.) are to be inspected annually and maintained as needed to reduce pollutant discharges into groundwater and storm drain systems. These annual inspection and maintenance reports need to be sent in to American Fork City by September 1 of each year. The following are some common questions and answers that may help facilitate your efforts. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

American Fork City Public Works
​275 East 200 North
​American Fork, UT 84003

Why did I receive this Letter?

​Your business or HOA has private storm drain facilities on your property that need to be inspected and maintained annually. These may include pipes, storm drain boxes, detention ponds, sumps, snouts or other storm drain facilities and treatment devices. Is there a specific form I’m supposed to use? The city has provided a very broad generic form that you may use. You may choose instead to use your own form or provide an inspection report on the letterhead for your business or HOA. Sample Facility Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report for Storm Drain Facilities (pdf)

Can I complete the inspection myself, or do I need someone to come complete it for me?

​The Small MS4 Permit issued by the Division of Water Quality allows the property owner/operator to complete the inspections and maintenance. If providing the inspection and maintenance as the owner/operation, make sure that proper equipment and procedures are used for any inspections and maintenance that is completed, hiring properly trained technicians as necessary to complete the maintenance. There are also third parties who are certified as registered storm water inspectors who can complete the inspections for the owner and provide guidance on maintenance needs.

What needs to be included in my report to the city?

​Documentation that shows proof that you inspected all storm drain infrastructure with any appropriate notes for maintenance or existing conditions, photos, invoices from boxes and pipes being cleaned, before and after pictures or any other documents and explanations necessary to show you’ve inspected all the infrastructure, identified any potential maintenance needs and completed those maintenance tasks. When do my inspection reports and maintenance records need to be sent to the city? Paperwork should be sent to the city by September 1 of each year which allows the city sufficient time to prepare the annual report (including the number of private inspections completed within the city) that has to be sent to the division of water quality.

I’ve owned this property for years, but this is the first time I’ve received this letter. Is it a new requirement?

​This requirement has been in place for many years. The city has improved the process in an effort to help property owners complete their required annual inspections and maintenance as outlined in paragraph 7 (maintenance agreement) of Section 13.94.040 – Storm Water System Design and Management Standards of the American Fork City Code.