1st-2nd Grade Spring Soccer

Registration Deadline: February 22, 2022
Season: April 15 - May 27

This program is a separated boys league and girls league for kids in 1st-2nd grade during the 2022/2023 school year.  
Consists of an 8 game season, playing on weeknights Saturdays. 
Games are played 7 v 7 and officiated by a volunteer coach from each team.
 Our reusable sports jersey will be used for this program. A new one can be purchased upon registration.

*Meeting for soccer coaches will be held - Add'l information about the meeting will be emailed out to coaches

Grades Season Play Days Times Location
1st-2nd Grade
8 Season Games
Play once or twice 
a week
3 Tues-Thurs
5 Saturdays
Games begin at 5:30 pm
Games begin at 9:00 am
Art Dye Park
1000 N 550 E
Practices are set by the coach and His/Her availability.
Three fields are dedicated for AF Recreation teams to practice soccer.
1- Art Dye Park- 1000 N. 550 E
2- Miller Park- 1000 N 150 W
3- Val Vista Park- 1190 E 1350 N

Other parks or school facilities may be used for practices on a first come basis. Check with Principles for school availability and some parks may have been reserved for other sports programs associated with AF City.