• The board establishes policies and objectives for library service.
  • Library board members are recommended by the current board to the City Council. Board members are appointed by the City Council.
  • The library board consists of up to 9 members, of which one, and only one, is also a member of the city council.
  • The library board chair is elected yearly.
  • Board members serve terms of 3 years, and expiration of terms are staggered so that there are experienced board members on the board at all times.
  • New board members are recommended by December and appointed by the Mayor by February.
  • Vacancies occurring through resignations or other reasons are filled by appointments for the unexpired term.
  • No member of the library board has served or will serve more than 2 consecutive full terms.
  • The board has written bylaws and each member has a copy.
  • Board members are appointed for a specific term and changes are reported to the State Library.
Meeting Structure
  • Minutes of all board meetings are distributed to members and the secretary keeps a file of the minutes.
  • Notice of all board meetings is publicized.
  • An agenda is established for all board meetings and is distributed in advance of the date of the meeting.
  • The library board makes reports to the appropriating body and to the community.
Meeting Attendance
  • The Library Director or designee attends all library board meetings.
  • The library board will meet in regular session at least eight times a year.
  • Any library board member missing three regular board meetings in one fiscal year may be replaced.
  • Board members will serve on committees, such as Education and Public Relations Committee, Collection Development and Reconsideration Committee, and Fund Raising Committee, or such committees as deemed necessary, by board appointment. 
  • Interested members of the community may be invited to serve with board members on these committees.