Library Board

To understand better the Library Board's role in our library, click here to read the Utah Public Library Trustee Manual.

Meeting Schedule
  1. Staci Carroll 2019

    Staci Carroll

    Council Liaison

  1. Shannon square

    Shannon Magleby


  1. RLambourne

    Rachel Lambourne


  1. Sandy square

    Sandra Barney


  1. Heidi square

    Heidi Rodeback


  1. CCrane photo square

    Casandria Crane

    Library Director

Committee Charter and Goals
The American Fork Library Board of Directors, i.e. Trustees, is a group of American Fork citizens to whom the public library is entrusted. The board members, or trustees, are the vital link between the library and the community. Trustees act as advocates for the library, evaluate and monitor its progress, and provide the insight and leadership needed so the library can effectively serve the community the trustees represent.

The library board is an advisory board appointed by the American Fork Mayor and City Council and charged with the responsibility of monitoring library operations and advising and making recommendations concerning policies, plans, personnel, the budget, and more. (Based on The Public Library Trustees Handbook, June 1993)