American Fork Beach and Boat Harbor

Harmful Algal Bloom Warning

September 28, 2021: A Warning Advisory has been issued for American Fork Marina on Utah Lake. See the report at

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) develop when naturally occurring cyanobacteria in the water multiply very quickly to form green, or blue-green water, scum, or mats. These blooms can produce potent cyanotoxins that pose serious health risks to humans, pets, and livestock.

How To Stay Safe

  1. Don't swallow water when swimming. 
  2. Wash hands with clean water before eating or preparing food.
  3. Clean fish well and discard the guts.
  4. Keep animals away.
  5. Recognize the signs of a bloom, and when in doubt, stay out.

If You Have Been Exposed

Please call the Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) at (800) 222-1222 if you think you or your pet have been exposed to a harmful algal bloom. UPCC physicians, pharmacists, and nurses trained in toxicology can answer your questions and advise you on the need for further medical or veterinary treatment.


The American Fork Beach includes 800 tons of soft sand and is open to the public. Lay out in the sun, go for a swim, or play volleyball. And this is just the beginning! Come back frequently as more beach, sand, and activities will be added throughout the summer! While the beach is free to use, it is accessed through the Boat harbor, which costs $5 to park inside or $2 for a walk-in. 
In the News:
Boat Harbor
  • Daily Launch: $8
  • Walk-in: $2
  • Senior Citizen Launch (60+): $5
  • Drive-in: $5
  • American Fork Resident Yearly Pass: $80
  • Non-resident Yearly Pass: $100
  • Senior Citizen Yearly Pass (60+): $40
Yearly passes are available at the boat harbor only.

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    Phone: 385-338-9848

    Jason Thomson
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