Building Permit Fees

Cost Determination

The permit fees are based on the cost (valuation) of the construction. American Fork City utilizes a table (PDF) to figure these fees based on the square footage and subsequent valuation of the project.

A plan review fee of $500 is charged for all new residential plan submissions. This fee is payable upon submission of construction plans to the Building Department for review. All other permits are assessed a plan review fee based on valuation with a minimum charge of $50.

An expedited plan review fee is $400, and is charged in addition to the standard plan review fee of $500.

A state fee of 1% of the building permit fee is charged and sent to the state. 

All permit, development and impact fee payments over $300 are assessed a 3% credit card processing fee.

Fixed New Residential Fees

There are some impact fees and construction fees that are charged in association with new residential construction in addition to the building permit fee. These fees are fixed for new single family residential permits and are as follows:

Storm Impact Fee

Building Division Fees

New-Residential Fees Amount
Sewer Impact Fee $840.08
Water Impact Fee $2,502.45
Parks & Recreation Impact Fee $3,855.99
TSSD Impact Fee $3,559.00
Roadway Impact Fee $3,548.30
Fire $429.30
Police $326.45
Pressurized irrigation $.42/sq ft
Sewer Hook-up Fee $475
PI Hook-up Fee $250
Occupancy Fee $50
Construction Water Fee $100
Electrical Fee $45
Mechanical Fee $45
Temporary Power $50