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The American Fork City Cemetery rests on 23 acres of well-manicured and maintained land, with about 23,500 burial plots.

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Historical Figures buried in our Cemetery

  • Martin Hansen, the man who discovered Timpanogos Cave
  • Edward Robinson, the World's first railroad conductor
  • Arza Adams and Stephen Chipman, founding fathers of American Fork

Historical Wall

Of special historical interest to our cemetery is the rock wall on the south and east of the cemetery. This wall was constructed during 1937-1938 as a WPA project. The stones are from the surrounding area and are mostly quartzite, sandstone, and marble. The wall is approximately 1580 feet long. There is an historical plaque at the main entrance on the south side.

Additional Resources

See our mapping system, including where your loved ones are buried, what spaces are available to purchase and other information regarding those buried in our cemetery. HERE

Search burial records and view the cemetery map on the Names in Stone website.

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