Large Trees

  • 60+ ft canopy sizes  
  • Plant 20+ ft from any structure 
  • Plant 8+ ft from any hardscape (sidewalk, patio, driveway, curbing, etc)

Symbol Legend

Notable Form

Notable Bark

Water - High

1/2" of water 2+ times per week
Notable Foliage

Notable Flowers

Water - Moderate

1/2" of water every 7-10 days
Notable Polinators

Notable Wildlife

Water - Low

1/2" of water every 10-14 day
Notable Utah Native

Water - No

1/2" of water in July and August if necessary


Notable Attributes*
Scientific Name
Common Name
Mature Height
Canopy Spread
Water Needs** 

Acer nigrumBlack Maple75 ft50 ftWater - Moderate
Notable PolinatorsAcer saccharumSugar Maple75 ft75 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FlowersNotable PolinatorsNotable Wildlife
Aesculus hippocastanumCommon Horsechestnut75 ft65 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FlowersNotable PolinatorsCatalpa speciosaNorthern Catalpa70 ft50 ftWater - Low
Notable PolinatorsNotable Wildlife

Celtis occidentalisCommon Hackberry60 ft60 ftWater - Low

Fagus grandifoliaAmerican Beech80 ft80 ftWater - Moderate

Fagus sylvaticaEuropean Beech60 ft50 ftWater - Moderate
Notable PolinatorsNotable Wildlife

Fraxinus americanaWhite Ash80 ft80 ftWater - Moderate
Notable PolinatorsNotable Wildlife

*Fraxinus pennsylvanicaGreen Ash75 ft50 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FoliageGinkgo bilobaGinkgo80 ft40 ftWater - Low

*Gleditsia triacanthosHoneylocust80 ft80 ftWater - Low

Gymnocladus dioicusKentucky Coffeetree80 ft55 ftWater - Low

Juglans nigraBlack Walnut70 ft70 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FoliageLarix deciduaEuropean Larch100 ft30 ftWater - High
Notable FoliageLiquidambar styracifluaSweetgum80 ft60 ftWater - High
Notable FlowersLiriodendron tulipiferaTuliptree90 ft50 ftWater - High

Metasequoia glyptostroboidesDawn Redwood100 ft25 ftWater - Moderate

Notable Bark*Platanus x acerifoliaLondon Planetree / Sycamore100 ft75 ftWater - Moderate
Notable WildlifeNotable Utah NativePopulus fremontiiFremont Cottonwood90 ft90 ftWater - High
Notable Wildlife

Quercus bicolorSwamp White Oak60 ft60 ftWater - High

Quercus ellipsoidalisNorthern Pin Oak70 ft60 ftWater - Low
Notable FlowersNotable Wildlife

Quercus macrocarpaBur Oak80 ft80 ftWater - Low
Notable FlowersNotable Wildlife

Quercus muehlenbergiiChinkapin Oak70 ft70 ftWater - Moderate

Quercus roburEnglish Oak70 ft70 ftWater - Low
Notable Wildlife

Tilia americanaAmerican Linden80 ft50 ftWater - Moderate

Ulmus americanaAmerican Elm80 ft70 ftWater - High
Notable FormZelkova serrataJapanese Zelkova80 ft80 ftWater - Low

*Colored Trees are approved but not recommended due to high populations within American Fork. 

Additional trees may be submitted for approval through the Urban Forestry Office