Medium Trees

  • 30 ft to 60 ft average canopy sizes 
  • Requires 12 ft park strip (back of curb to sidewalk) 
  • Plant 15+ ft from any structure 
  • Plant 6+ ft from any hardscape (sidewalk, patio, driveway, curbing, etc)

Symbol Legend

Notable Form

Notable Bark

Water - High

1/2" of water 2+ times per week
Notable Foliage

Notable Flowers

Water - Moderate

1/2" of water every 7-10 days
Notable Polinators

Notable Wildlife

Water - Low

1/2" of water every 10-14 days
Notable Utah Native

Water - No

1/2" of water in July and August if necessary


Notable Attributes*
Scientific Name
Common Name
Mature Height
Canopy Spread
Water Needs** 
Notable Wildlife Alnus incanaGray Alder, Speckled Alder35 ft30 ftWater - High

Acer campestreHedge Maple35 ft35 ftWater - Low

Acer miyabeiState Street Maple60 ft50 ftWater - Moderate

Acer negundoBoxelder40 ft30 ftWater - Moderate

*Acer platanoidesNorway Maple50 ft50 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FoliageAcer pseudoplatanus Sycamore Maple60 ft60 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FlowersNotable PolinatorsAesculus x carneaRed Horsechestnut45 ft45 ftWater - Moderate
Notable BarkBetula nigraRiver Birch50 ft40 ftWater - High

Betula x 'Avalzam'Avalanche Birch35 ft25 ftWater - High

Carpinus betulusEuropean Hornbeam60 ft40 ftWater - Low

Carpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam40 ft40 ftWater - Moderate

Catalpa sp.Heartland Catalpa50 ft25 ftWater - Low

Cercidiphyllum japonicumKatsura60 ft60 ftWater - Moderate
Notable Flowers

Cladrastis kentukeaYellowwood50 ft50 ftWater - Moderate

Corylus colurnaTurkish Filbert50 ft35 ftWater - Low

Diospyros virginianaPersimmon60 ft35 ftWater - Moderate

Eucommia ulmoidesHardy Rubber Tree60 ft50 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FlowersKoelreuteria paniculataGoldenrain Tree40 ft40 ftWater - Low

Maclura pomiferaOsage Orange60 ft40 ftWater - Low

Morus albaFruitless White Mulberry50 ft50 ftWater - Low

Nyssa sylvaticaBlack tupelo50 ft30 ftWater - High

Ostrya virginianaEastern Hop Hornbeam40 ft30 ftWater - Moderate

Parrotia persicaPersian Ironwood40 ft30 ftWater - Low

Phellodendron amurenseAmur Corktree45 ft60 ftWater - Moderate
Notable Utah NativePopulus angustifoliaNarrowleaf Cottonwood65 ft40 ftWater - High
Notable BarkNotable Utah NativePopulus tremuloidesAspen50 ft30 ftWater - High
Notable FoliageNotable FlowersNotable PolinatorsPrunus cerasifera 'Pissardii'Pissard's Cherry Plum40 ft25 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FlowersNotable PolinatorsPrunus padusBird Cherry, Mayday Tree40 ft40 ftWater - Moderate

Quercus acutissimaSawtooth Oak60 ft60 ftWater - Moderate

Quercus imbricariaShingle Oak60 ft60 ftWater - Moderate

Quercus pubescensDowny Oak60 ft40 ftWater - Low

Salix amygdaloidesPeach-leaf Willow50 ft35 ftWater - High
Notable Flowers

Sophora japonicaJapanese Pagoda60 ft45 ftWater - Low
Notable Foliage

Taxodium distichumBald Cypress70 ft45 ftWater - High
Notable PolinatorsTilia cordata 'Greenspire'Greenspire Linden50 ft40 ftWater - Low
Notable PolinatorsTilia tomentosaSilver Linden70 ft50 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FlowersNotable PolinatorsTilia x euchloraCrimean Linden60 ft30 ftWater - Moderate

Ulmus 'Frontier'Frontier Elm40 ft30 ftWater - Low

Ulmus japonica x wilsoniana 'Morton'Accolade Elm50 ft35 ftWater - Moderate
Notable BarkUlmus parvifoliaLacebark Elm70 ft50 ftWater - Moderate

Ulmus wilsoniana 'Prospector'Prospector Elm40 ft30 ftWater - Moderate
Notable FormZelkova serrata 'Village Green'Village Green Zelkova60 ft50 ftWater - Low

*Colored Trees are approved but not recommended due to high populations within American Fork. 

Additional trees may be submitted for approval through the Urban Forestry Office