Recreation Policies

American Fork Recreation Late Fee, Air Quality and Refund Policy:

Late Fee Policy
Recreation Programs: A non-refundable late fee will be added after the registration deadline.

Refund Policy
Refund requests must be made before the first day of the class or program. Refunds may be issued for injury and will be prorated from the time management is contacted with a refund request. All refunds issued via check are assessed a 15% processing fee. Refund checks are issued by American Fork City and may take up to 2-3 weeks to process. In house credits may be issued according to the refund policy and can be utilized by anyone on the same account and will not be assessed a 15% processing fee. Refund requests must be made online or in person at the fitness center.

Air Quality Policy
American Fork Recreation and the American Fork Fitness Center strive to ensure all of our programs and facilities are as safe as possible for participants, employees and spectators. In the event of inversions, fires and other factors that affect air quality, our programs and facilities will be adjusted based on the following:
We will utilize air quality reports & parameters from
There is an air quality sensor located at 900 North 250 West in American Fork.
Level 1: 0-49: Green. Great day to be active outside. No restrictions.

Level 2: 50-99: Yellow. Good day to be active outside.   No restrictions. 

Level 3: 100-149: Orange. Okay day to be active outside.  Sensitive individuals should exercise indoors or avoid vigorous outdoor activities. 

Level 4: 150-199: Red. For all outdoor activities take more breaks and do less intense activities. Sensitive individuals should remain indoors. Programs will be held, swimming pools and hot tub OPEN.     

Level 5+: 200+: Purple. Move all programs indoors or cancel programs and reschedule for another day when possible.  Swimming pools and hot tub will be CLOSED.