Fiber Internet

Fiber is Coming to American Fork City!

American Fork City is partnering with Strata Networks to bring our residents and businesses a citywide open-access fiber network that is reliable, fast, and affordable.

Fiber Pre-registration

American Fork is currently taking pre-registrations for the fiber network. There is no cost or commitment to pre-register now, and there is no cost to have the connection installed during the project construction phase. 

When you pre-register for fiber, you can indicate your interest in having your location connected to fiber internet and stay up to date as the project progresses. Plus, pre-registering could help bring fiber to you faster because the interest shown will be one of the factors that will influence where we first choose to start building the network. Go to

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet is a broadband connection that uses fiber-optic cables to send data using light waves. Fiber-optic cables allow for more bandwidth capacity and carry light to transmit data, which means signals can be carried at nearly the speed of light. That is much fast than traditional copper cables. We expect you will enjoy symmetrical speeds (uploads and downloads) from 250 megabytes per second to 10 gigabytes per second. Fiber is more reliable than other network options because it is less prone to reliability issues related to temperature changes, severe weather, and moisture. With the introductions of the citywide network, residents and businesses can enjoy multiple internet service provider options that will compete in a tru market for their business. The competitive market will help improve overall pricing. 

To read about the decision process for creating the Fiber Network in American Fork City and more information about the partnership with Strata Networks read the Citizen Want to Know article about fiber here.

What are the next steps?

American Fork has finalized the agreement with Strata Networks and is designing the system. Ideally construction would begin early 2024. Residents will not have to wait until the entire system is installed before they can enjoy fiber internet. Neighborhoods will be able to enjoy fiber as soon as it's installed. That is why it is important that residents pre-register for the service, to help the City determine the optimal places to first deploy the system. Neighborhoods that have the largest pre-registrations will be the first to get services. Pre-register at

Fiber Champions

We are looking for residents who want to help champion the process of bringing fiber internet to American Fork City. If you are interested in helping your friends and neighbors learn more about the benefit of American Fork City's fiber network, please visit the Fiber Champion page.

As a champion, you will receive helpful resources to educate others about the benefits of pre-registering their address for fiber.