Emergency Management

Welcome to American Fork City’s Emergency Management section, this page contains information and resources for residents and businesses. The health safety and welfare of the citizens of American Fork, particularly in times of disaster is accomplished through:

  • Coordinating local agencies
  • Educating the public
  • Planning effective contingencies
  • Training of staff and citizens in disaster preparedness
emergency preparedness manual

Download the Family Emergency Preparedness Resource Guide


AF Notify is the City's notification system to communicate with residents in the event of an emergency by means of a mass email, call, or text. American Fork, along with Utah County, uses Everbridge for its emergency alert system.

To make sure you receive an emergency notification, please subscribe to AF Notify by creating your own account at alerts.utahcounty.gov. We recommend you create your AF Notify account so you have the ability to subscribe regarding particular alerts such as:

  1. Emergencies
  2. City News, Public Meeting announcements, Roadwork/Utility closures

We highly encourage everyone create their own account with American Fork City's AF Notify alert system.


Your contact information provided is strictly for emergency use and will only be used for general communication if you select that as an option. It will not be shared with other parties. Examples of emergencies include:

  • Urgent information related to police, fire, or public health emergencies.
  • Notification of a lost child.
  • Evacuation of a specified area.
  • Information about road closings, water main breaks, or other problems affecting specific addresses.

For questions regarding the AF Notify you can call the City at 801-763-3000 or email us at astubbs@americanfork.gov

Major Incident Plan

The City of American Fork is prepared for all disasters with a comprehensive Major Incident Plan (the plan linked intentionally excludes private contact information included in the full plan). This plan sets up an Emergency Operating Center, with proper emergency chains of command, as well as communication methods to the community. In an emergency the city can use AF Notify to alert residents.

Below are some helpful links that to aid in your emergency preparedness: