As recommended by the American Fork Fire Marshal and approved by the City Council in this resolution, American Fork City will be implementing the following firework restrictions:

As per state law fireworks of any kind are only to be permitted in Utah during the following days:

  • July 2-5*
  • July 22-25*
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Chinese New Year’s Eve

*In July, fireworks can be lit from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on all allowed nights except the 4th and 24th, which will be until 12 a.m. American Fork City has additional fire restrictions beyond the state requirements for those permitted days in July. New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year’s Eve will have no additional restrictions from American Fork beyond the state restrictions.


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American Fork City has split fireworks up into three categories, or classes. Each class of fireworks has the following definitions:


Ground fireworks are those that do not leave the ground more than 10 feet. They typically include sparklers and fireworks that strobe, spin, smoke, or make sounds. These are legally sold in Utah and permitted in American Fork.

Aerials (less than 150 ft):

These are legally sold aerials that are permitted by the state to be sold for consumer use. You can buy these at fireworks stands. They are also classified as 1.4G fireworks, or consumer fireworks. These are permitted in American Fork.

Aerials (150 ft or more):

These fireworks are illegal in Utah and American Fork without a special permit. They are also classified as 1.3G fireworks, or display fireworks. These are the fireworks often used by cities or large events, such as Steel Days Big Show celebration. Those interested in holding an event with these fireworks must complete the Special Events Permit.


Special Events Permit

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